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Janna E.

“Mark’s profile of my father {who has passed on} was remarkable, and the things he express through Mark were so timely. No wonder he’s waited until now to show up–I probably wouldn’t have been able to fully embrace the significance of his comments in my life before then. The fact that it was so important for him to have Mark confirm his very real presence with such detail, tells me how important it was for me to listen with my heart, accept and process. I was so moved by Mark’s/My Fathers words that I had to sit in my car after the reading for a good 20 minutes to get grounded.

I was also confounded by a reference Mark made to South Carolina.  Nothing seemed to connect with that UNTIL… I decided to look at a map. That’s when I saw the town he referenced is right “down the road” from a client I had been trying to cultivate. It is amazing that I was just drawing a blank before and completely forgot all about the client during the reading.”—Janna E. 

November 28, 2010 on 10:08 pm | In Testimonials

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