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Crop Circles 2010 (mp3 download)

Gary King:In 1997, while ill health caused him to take time out from work as a legal executive, Gary encountered his first Crop Circle. He was so deeply affected by this experience that he has devoted himself to researching the phenomenon ever since.
An abiding interest in human consciousness prompted him to study the cultural use of psychedelic plants, and the evidence that such use enables contact with creative intelligences.

Already a practicing Martial Artist, Gary pursues the more esoteric, internal styles and philosophies of the art.

Returning to University in 2005, Gary studied Language and Communication with a particular emphasis on the science of semiotics. His particular interest is the way we, as humans, strive to derive meaning from signs and symbols.

One of the three witnesses to the 07/07/07 East Field event, today Gary is a much sought after tour guide and lecturer.

Michael Glickman: A leading lecturer, researcher and commentator Michael Glickman has long occupied a central space at the heart of debate on the crop circle phenomenon.
A former architect and teacher, he is now a renowned and inspirational speaker and writer. His work on the geometry and interpretation of the crop circles has spanned over 20 years.
Michael has written several regular columns on the crop circles over his career, both in print and on the internet. Wheat from the Chaff is his latest incarnation. He has written seven books including Crop Circles (published by Wooden Books). Cornography, a selection of his former column writing, was published in 2007 while his latest book Crop Circles the Bones of God was published in 2009.

Crop Circles 2010

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