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Haunted Plantations of Virginia (mp3 download)

Join Mark and guest author Beth Brown as they talk about The haunted south in America. Beth has written several books on the subject including Haunted Plantations of Virginia.
Beth Brown began investigating the paranormal in 1989 when a mentor sent her to interview the owners of a 250-year old home practically overflowing with spirits. Photographs and audio recordings made that day ignited her curiosity about life after death and set the wheels in motion for two decades of research.

In 2007, Beth Brown founded the Virginia Society of Paranormal Education and Research (VASPER). The mission of the organization is to aid those interested in beginning their own research of the paranormal by providing training, equipment grants, and other resources. Beth heads the VASPER Investigation Team, a group of experienced field researchers with varying specialties, and has led the team on several studies of National and Virginia landmarks. The VASPER Investigation Team conducted the first official paranormal research experiments at Berkeley Plantation, Monumental Church, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, and many others.

Beth is an author, radio personality, and producer of short documentaries. She has been a speaker at numerous paranormal events and is known for the edgy, “rock and roll” approach she lends to workshops.

Haunted Plantations of Virginia

December 5, 2010 on 3:58 am | In Podcasts

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  1. Mark Christopher Nelson says:

    Hi One and all,
    You are too kind. I am under contract for a book, and am currently working on it. I will also be on an upcoming episode of Haunted History. Currently the episode is taped and awaiting an air date.

    If you want to follow me on Twitter, I try to keep it interesting. Just look for PositivelyMark.

    As for Beth’s book, it’s a great read and I highly recommend it.

    Best wishes,

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