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Lessons of Many Lives Past Life Regression (mp3 download)

Our guests on this show are authors and sensitives Melissa Watts, who is a past life Hypnotherapist, and Karen Frazier author and sensitive. Mark and his guests talk about so many different aspects of past lives and how Melissa actually conducts her sessions with her clients. They also talk about how this truly can help people who are dealing with continuous problems that they keep confronting over and over and how they can find solutions through past life regression. This is once again a fascinating show not to be missed.

Lessons of Many Lives Past Life Regression

December 5, 2010 on 4:19 am | In Podcasts

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  1. Dolores Wise says:

    Mark is a very good psychic , most of the things he told me about my son , who pass away Sept.of 2011 are right . He is patient of listening to me , he even let my 2 daughters joined me with the reading . I like to have another reading from Mark . I am hoping that he has time for another reading.

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