Matthew Givot

Matthew Givot

Psychic Expert

Knowing the future and the inner world of people has always seemed attractive to me. When I finished school, I told my parents I was going to study psychology. They were not very excited about this choice because it was not profitable. But I felt I was moving in the right direction. 

After graduating from Duke University in 1987, I started my own practice as a psychologist. Many people came to me with a wide variety of problems: addiction, divorce, loss of parents, violence, etc. Working with so many individuals, I felt the necessity to expand my knowledge.

Thus, I got interested in psychic readings, believing that my psychological skills would help me quickly master this business. My empathy for people and the intuition I developed through a constant analysis were fruitful. Using astrological techniques and psychological knowledge, I began to conduct free sessions in my spare time. I wanted to train while helping others. Soon, I saw that many people found relief after our sessions.

I noticed that the psychic skills I learned improved my psychological skills.

This relationship inspired me to think about our connection with celestial objects, which made me delve into astrology even more.

For about ten years, I have offered spiritual assistance to people looking for hope after facing love and career failures, inner crisis, etc. Recently, I joined After a short time working here, I realized that this is an excellent company for cooperation.